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About Us


     With offices on the east and west coasts, Andrew in the San Francisco Bay Area and George in the New England region.  GSDesign Group services it’s clients with the utmost professional design team, inclusive of preparation, talent and communication. Their concentration on high end residential homes has been recognized by national and regional design publications.

This has made them a leading choice on both the east and west coasts for custom single family and multi-family residential design. The notable work consists of private homes, condominiums, hotels, restoration projects, schools, and works in the non-profit sector. Whatever your design or architectural needs, this team is focused on delivering their clients and communities with superior architectural, planning and interior design services. Our philosophy revolves around each individual client and their specific design needs.  We believe that each project no matter its size, deserves careful consideration in order to maintain the integrity and vision of the client. We offer customized design solutions inspired by each distinguished site, while providing guidance and experience to our clients.  The building process is often complex and we are dedicated to working with our clients, their design wishes and within their construction budgets.

     When undertaking a building project there is a fundamental need and benefit in having an Architect or design professional on board for the process. There are many options for owners these days to draw on other resources when it comes to building a home, addition or renovating a house.  However, the most comprehensive solution is to team up with an architectural firm who can address all aspects of design and building in a thoughtful and professional manner. Our design team is sensitive to making sure our clients understand  their projects from conception through the construction process. By enlisting the service of our architectural firm, your project will be  minded each step of the way.


     The architectural design team is led by George Gakidis and Andrew Stewart, principals of Gakidis + Stweart Design Group. George and Andrew met during graduate school at the Rhode Island School of Design, considered a prestigious intuition for architecture and design around the country. Following graduation in 1988, George and Andrew practiced architecture in various locations around the country including St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, New York City, Mystic CT, Boston, MA and San Francisco, CA. In 2005, they became partners and created GS Design Group Inc.

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